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Flexi Club is points based resort grading system to value each of the weeks of holiday accommodation available to its members individually. You can use the points you have allocated, to holiday at any of the clubs accommodation or holidays available to the club via numerous reciprocal arrangements.

The developer aims to acquire only inventory of the highest quality, located in the most sought after areas, during peak demand times of year, in order to satisfy owner’s requests. The Club has continued to expand as more accommodation has been introduced and new members have entered the Flexi Club Points system.
Once you have purchased the number of points you require they will be allocated to you each year. These points will then increase in line with inflation each year making sure that your points appreciate and you can continue to enjoy a lifetime of holidays. As well as this, any unused points can be carried over for up to 36 months. Up to 25% of the following years points may be borrowed for the current year’s holiday if required. Points may also be bequeathed.

Flexi Club members are required to pay fees for the use of the Club’s holiday accommodation. This payment covers the accommodation costs (including maintenance fees and levies) of the resort portfolio.

A fee is payable at the start of each year (amount is depending the number of points you own)

Upon confirmation of a reservation, you pay any additional Accommodation Fee (if required). (The Accommodation Fee applicable to the specific holiday booked is noted and if your annual Holiday Contribution Fee paid is not enough to cover the required accommodation, the member only pays the difference).

If there is a credit in the “Holiday Savings Available” account at the end of the year, this will be carried over to the following year and will be added to the next year’s holiday savings.

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