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REALTY ACCESS is a Vacation Club Membership that enables you to subscribe as much or as little capital as you like into leisure properties. For your use and enjoyment, REALTY ACCESS will own and acquire hotels, leisure apartments and other property as well as land with planning permission for future recreational development.

In short, REALTY ACCESS offers great holidays and the real benefits of sharing in the ownership of leisure properties worldwide, for a limited capital outlay. The whole point of REALTY ACCESS is that we offer great holidays and share with YOU the appreciating value of the Leisure properties.

Rare are the people who have enough time, money and expertise to become directly involved in finding, buying, renovating or building, and then managing, renting leisure properties. The easiest way to be able to enjoy leisure properties worldwide and also benefit from their successful management and eventual sale is to become a REALTY ACCESS member.

Buying or Selling Vacation Club membership is easy with The Timeshare Mart. We are a full service resale company and offer transfer of ownership and ESCROW services.

Available Timeshares

For Rent

Realty Access Rental – 2 Weeks – You choose – only £750

Sleeps: 6

Listing Reference 12757B

For Rent

Realty Access Rental 2 Bedroom – 2 Weeks of your choice – Only £600 P/W

Sleeps: 6

Listing Reference 12778R

For Sale

Realty Access – 2 Weeks Red – 2 Bed

2 X Red
Sleeps: 6

Listing Reference 12778

Now Sold

Realty Access – 2 Bed 2 x Red – £7600

2 X Red
Sleeps: 6

Listing Reference 12763

We have lots more timeshare weeks on our books that may not appear on our website.
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