Vacation Club Points System

Marriott Vacation Club, Asia Pacific has been designed to take the effort out of luxury holiday travel both in the Asia region and Worldwide. As a member, you will be entitled to exclusive access and privileges at Marriott’s most popular resorts.

As an owner of Marriott Vacation Club, Asia Pacific you will be allocated a number of Club Points every year based on your purchase. You will then be able to structure your holidays through four usage options. You can choose to allocate all of your Vacation Club Points for one 7 night vacation stay, or spread them over a number of holidays or trips worldwide.

Marriott Vacation Club, Asia Pacific Points gives you the added flexibility of saving up your Points for one year or to borrow from the next year’s allocation to allow you the possibility to take a once in a lifetime holiday such as a honeymoon or a cruise. Whether you fancy a 7 night stay at Marriott’s Phuket Beach Club, Thailand or a 3 or 4 day shopping spree in Tokyo or Bangkok you can choose.

Members have access to a world of holiday possibilities by utilizing their points at:
• Six Asia-Pacific Club resorts
• Sixteen Club Connection destinations
• Fifty Eight MVCI resorts and over 2,000 Interval International exchange resorts
• Over 2,000 Marriott Hotels, Resorts, and Suites

Asia-Pacific Points Members enjoy the flexibility of arranging vacations how and when they choose.
• Book a week’s holiday at any Marriott Vacation Club, Asia Pacific resort destination up to twelve months in advance
• Use the Marriott Club Connections network of resorts for a getaway week
• Take a last minute vacation with less than 2 weeks’ notice using the Member-exclusive, Express Breaks
• Use Marriott Rewards points for holidays or for an upgrade at Marriott Hotels worldwide

With today’s hectic pace of life it can be difficult to make time for holidays and to spend some well earned time with your family. With Asia-Pacific Points you can choose whether you want a full week or just a few days. For example you could take a 7 night vacation at Marriott’s Ko Olina Beach Club in Hawaii or a short 4 night break at Marriott’s Phuket Beach Club, Thailand. The Choice is yours.

Buying Marriott Vacation Club Asia Pacific Points is easy with The Timeshare Mart. We have many years experience of selling Marriott Points and Timeshare Resales and we will guide you through the buying process. The Timeshare Mart is a full service resale company and offer transfer of ownership and ESCROW facilities.

RCI Points program is points based timeshare exchange system on a global scale. RCI Points is probably the most commonly purchased timeshare points system through a resale company and is growing in popularity.

The Points allow greater flexibility when planning your timeshare holiday as you can choose how many days you wish to holiday for, where you want to stay and in what size accommodation. Each resort in the RCI Weeks Exchange system has a point’s value and you can reserve your weeks based on how many points you are allocated annually as well as points you have saved or want to borrow.

There are in excess of 3,700 resorts in the RCI Timeshare Exchange System and there is the Points Partner program which allows you to exchange your Points for other travel related products and services such flights, car hire, cruises, short breaks, hotels and more.